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* '''[ Suite 101]''' is a sort of on-line magazine which ran a monthly hitchhiking column from October 1996 to February 2003. The columnist, [ Bernd Wechner], ceased writing for Suite 101 in 2003 and the archive at Suite 101 itself has fallen into an embarrasing state of disrepair since. Bernd Wechner has however archived all the articles written for that column on [ his own site] and [ Morgan Salman Strub] has archived them on digihitch along with a wealth of other material from many contributors.
* '''[ Velabas - Travel Narrative]''' Is a website that documents one person's personal hitchhiking expeirences and drawings. It also links to many useful sites.
* [ Hitchhikers' guide to Europe] is a website by Kirsi Jokisalo with tips about hitchhiking in several European countries.

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