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This option costs EUR 5.50 (January 2012), which is the cost of a ticket for zones 1-5. The peage is 35 km North of Paris, near the town of Survilliers.
From Paris, take RER D (Chatelet-les-halles or Gare du Nord), direction Orry la Ville - Coye. Get off the train at Survilliers-Fosses (35 KM North of Paris). Walk down Rue de la Gare towards Survilliers town centre, then turn right at La Grande Rue; you will find the motorway. Once there, you can hitchhike from the motorway exit towards the petrol station 2KM from here (Paris direction). When you arrive, you take walk (north!) through the parking area to the local road to , where you can cross over to the opposite service station to head North.
==== Senlis Péage ====

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