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== Hitching out ==
=== North/East towards [[Dashoguz]] === You can hitch-hike past the shared-taxis stand 2kms East from the mausoleum complex.  === South/West/East towards [[Ashgabat]] === Hitch-hiking South to Ashgabat is problematic, as the main road between [[Ashgabat]] and [[Dashoguz]], where most of the traffic and truck goes, does not pass through [[Konye-Urgench]]. The junction with the main road is about 90 kms South of Konye-Urgench, at the small town of Ruruhbellet. The road to Ruruhbellet is in very bad condition and traffic is scarce. You can take a minibus (2.60M, less than 1$, in april 2012) to Ruruhbellet and hitch-hike from there. The minibus leaves 2 or 3 times during the day from a bus stand in the Southern part of town. If you want to hitch-hike all the way, consider backtracking to [[Dashoguz]] until the junction with the main road to [[Ashgabat]], or try your luck after the Turabeg Khanum Mausoleum, 3kms South of the city center.

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