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* [[Ashgabat]]
* [[Dashoguz]]
* [[Konye -Urgench]]* [[Darvazar]]* [[Turkmenabat]]* [[Mary]]* [[Turkmenbashi]] == [[Hitchhiking]] ==Due to most people do not own a vehicle, hitchhiking seems to be a common way to get around. But the Turkmen hitchhiking is like taking a taxi, so payment is expected. Therefore one must always make it clear before entering the car, that there is no payment involved. Inside Ashgabat it is hard, but the rest of the country is not to difficult. Don't be botherd mentioning that you are hitch-hiking, as they won't understand what it means, just say that you have no money/very little.  When asking for directions (to the highway etc), the easiest is to say that you want to walk. Otherwise they'll just guide you to the next taxi or busstop. Infrastructure: The big roads are mostly tarred, with big holes here and there. Straight with no noticeable elevation.
== Visa ==
Transit visas are pretty straightforward to obtain provided you already have the visas for both the countries before and after Turkmenistan, and take 10 to 20 days to be issued. Dates and entry point are fixed but you can leave the country at any exit point, even if a specific border post is written.
Coming from Iran, the best place to apply is Tehran (visa collection possible at the consulate in Mashad). Coming the other way, getting a visa in Tashkent is possible but not the best place in Central Asia as the [[embassy ]] can be very busy (better arrive early !), process takes more than 20 days and you will have to travel back to Tashkent to collect your visa. Dushanbe is a rather better option as process can take as little as a week and employees are more friendly.
Note than in theory it is possible to apply in Dushanbe and collect the visa in Tashkent a few days later.
On arrival you will also have to pay an extra fee depending on your nationality (12$ for EU citizens)
== Sleeping ==
Couchsurfing is almost nonexistent in Turkmenistan, and you really don't want to get stuck in a city at night! The cheapest hotels are $ 20. There is a night curfew for toursists after 11, and not many places to hide, due to the architecture. Also the citys have a lot of police night and day. If you are so unlucky to get stuck in a city at night, you can be lucky to find fountains with no water in, which are ideal places to sleep hidden. See [[Mary]]
Note: March 2013: I have information from a person living in Ashgabat that the curfew part is not true anymore. He doesn't advise to sleep outside in Ashgabat though but this may only be his opinion.
== Border crossing ==
All border controls operate from 08:00 to 17:00.
== Experiences ==
===Hitchhiker [[User:Apprentis-Vagabonds|Apprentis-Vagabonds]]===
In September 2018 we hitchhiked through the country. From Sarakhs to Farap it took us 4 cars to achieve.
A few kilometres after Sarakhs there is a police control. If you are hitchhiking they will probably take you of the car but since they don't know what to do with you, you will probably get into another car.
As always in Asia ensure that people understand that you want to travel without money before stepping in the car.
Understanding basics of russian is a plus. Most of people will understand "автостор".
We wrote a full review of our Turkmen experience in French : [ Transit au Turkménistan]
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