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'''Uzbekistan''' is a country in Central [[Asia]]. There are borders to [[Kazakhstan]], [[Kyrgyzstan]], [[Tajikistan]], [[Afghanistan]] and [[Turkmenistan]].
It's probably a good idea to learn Russian, or at least the Cyrillic alphabet. Especially older people speak Russian. Also knowing some Turkish helps.
== [[Hitchhiking]] ==
Due to most people do not own a vehicle, hitchhiking seems to be a common way to get around. But for the Uzbeks hitchhiking is like taking a taxi, so payment is expected. Anyway there might be a chance to get a free lift if you make it clear before you enter. Tell the driver that you are traveling without money and you are doing autostop (автостоп (pronounced like awtostopavtostop)) all the way.
== [[Police]] ==
The border checks are very ''strict''. Corruption is common. Stay cool, and better call your embassy and ask there if you think they are trying to fool you.
Road checkpoints are opened from 9 o'clock in the morning to 6 o'clock in the evening. At night the borders are closed.
I didn't experiance the border checks as very strickt. They all asked me to play violin when entering, and didn't check my registration. When I told them, that I was bringing more money out of the country than I took in with me, they just asked me to rewrite my paper where I had written how much I was bringing out, so it formally looked like I wasn't bringing out to much money. - Very friendly police!
=== Registration ===
You need to register at UVViOG if you stay longer than 3 days. If you stay in a hostel or hotel they will do it for you. The registration is If you stay in a home, they can go to the police station and register you for one month at the cost of $20. You Otherwise it cost around 5 dollar pr night if you do it cheap. Officially you need your registration when you leave the country again. Also this registration is checked very carefullyBut reports from many travellers say that they didn't check. For a safy case get atleast one or two registrations. If Apparently if you get caught without registration, the fine will can be more than €700.If you want to play it safe, get one every day. A little less lafe, one every 3 days (one can misunderstand the 72 hour thing, understanding that you only have to register every 72 hours). And to play it messy and unstrucktured just get a few here and there.
Edit by Hitch-hiker Nalddo : registration is automatic and free when you stay at any licensed hotel / guesthouse and consists of a small piece of paper with your name, passport number, dates of check-in and check-out and stamp of the hotel. Theoretically you may have to show a registration slip for every night spent in Uzbekistan when you leave the country (possibly) or at road checkpoints (unlikely). However it appears than the procedure is now fairly relax for foreigners on a tourist visa and registration slips are almost never checked (in 2011-2012).
Uzbekistan has a very closed economy. It's not easy to find cashpoints. There are only 2 cashpoints accepting MasterCard in the entire country (2010). Both are in Tashkent. First one is in hotel "Uzbekistan" (also accepts VISA) near metro "Amir Temur hieboni" and the second one in hotel "Russia". Cashpoint only give out bills of 100USD. The exchange rate in the bazaar can be 200% from the official rate, but it's illegal.
== Russian/Uzbek Phrases ==
Salam - Hello (uzbek)
Kuda ti idyosh? - Where are you going (russian)
Ya Hachu payti v... - I want to go to...
Dengi njet, Problema? - No money, problem?
Spasiba/Rakhmat - Thank you (russian/Uzbek)
Kak ti? - how are you?
Kharasho - good
== Experiences ==
* [ Lot of information, tips and personal experiences of hitch-hiking in Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan). Only in spanish]
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