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The border crossing is just a few kilometres north of the city and it's a pedestrian-only crossing. This means only taxis and buses will go there. It's probably the best idea to go there by taxi or bus i.e. from Yunusabad bazaar. The border crossing might be crowded and it can easily take 2 hours or more. After it you will be surrounded by taxi drivers. Just ignore them and follow the straight. You can try to hitch some of the few local cars or walk about 4 km to the main road to Shymkent which is a dual carriageway.
=== SouthWest towards [[Samarqand]] ===
Take the metro to Olmazor station (last station on Red Line). Then take the tramway or any bus going South on the main road, or you can also walk (30 minutes), to the Ring Road. Start hitch-hiking just after the Police checkpoint.
== Hitching In ==

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