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** 916 km from [[Vienna]] to [[Düsseldorf]] in August 2006.
* '''Fastest Lift'''
** Some guy On the [[A7 (Germany)|German A7]] on the way from the south to [[KielHanover]], a guy was driving driving up to '''260 km/h''' on the [[A7 (Germany)|German A7]], together . Together with [[User:platschi|platschi]] in September 2007.
* '''Slowest Lift'''
** Probably less than '''20 km/h''' with a tractor for maybe 5 km between some villages in [[Germany]], September 2010.
* '''Worst waiting time'''
** 6 Hours for 18 km from [[Bratislava]] to the Hungarian border, while walking half of the distance, August 2006.
* '''Biggest amount of people hitched with'''
** About 40, on the back of a little truck in [[Berlin]], May 2009.

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