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'''WARNING: This petrol station is closed and under construction. There are NO cars at all stopping by here.''' Apart from being really hard to get to, if you go to this spot you will just end up hitching on the highway. And that is really really hard to do. And going back up out of the highway is also really hard with a big backpack and rain/wet leaves. Not sure how long until they finish work here but it`s gonna take a while. (20 November 2011)
UPDATE: This petrol station is still under construction and nowhere near from finished (25 march 2012)
This option costs one local ticket or zones 1-3 ticket (EUR 2.45). The petrol station [,48.934623,2.393732%3B3201522175225020794,48.920638,2.410383&saddr=Aire+de+Service+de+La+Courneuve+%4048.934790,+2.393710&daddr=&mra=mr&sll=48.918269,2.403388&sspn=0.013649,0.040169&ie=UTF8&ll=48.933157,2.396951&spn=0.006823,0.020084&t=k&z=16&om=1is ''Aire de Service de La Courneuve''] is about 2 km along the A1, north of Paris.

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