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== Hitchhiking In ==
If you are with people that are going directly to Aachen being dropped of at the central bus terminal ''Aachen Bushof'' is a good idea. Most buses come through there, but this is not the main train station. Otherwise, if your driver is only passing by the city your best option to get off depends on the direction.
=== A4 from/to west (Netherlands) === Ask your driver to drop you off at the exit #3 ''Aachen Zentrum''. From there you can take various buses to the central bus terminal ''Aachen Bushof''. If you're coming from the Netherlands, your driver can turn around when going straight after the exit. Otherwise, going towards the Netherlands he should turn right and then left to be able to drop you off and make a U-turn === A4 from/to east (Cologne) === When your driver is passing by on the A4 it is a good idea to get out at the autobahn service station ''Aachener Land'' and take the bus 52 to the center (see [[Aachen#Hitchhiking Out|Hitchhiking Out]]). Buses to Aachen go weekdays every half hour between 5:00 and 20:30 and hourly until 23:30. Saturday service is from 5:30 until 23:30 and sunday service is between 8:30 and 23:30. Else, if you are on  === A44 from/to south (Belgium) === On the A44 from/to Belgium, try to get dropped off at the exit #3 ''Aachen Brand''. You can use the frequent bus service at any time from there to the center and your (2,40 Euro as of January 2012) or try to hitchhike. Your driver can get back on the highway easily.
== Public transportation ==

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