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Ask the driver to let you off at Batajnica for the entrance to the motorway. You'll see the signs anyway, but the ride is quite long. Be careful of pickpockets on the old man may look harmless but has quick hands, oh! When you get out, have a sign for Novi Sad and get out at the péage, the toll booth which is quite a way before Novi but the best place to stand to get a long distance you can whip out a sign for [[Budapest]]'ll take a while, but beside you will be a bar just in case of thirst with quite cheap beers.
*[[User:MaxHermens]] got out of the bus just before the main highway, and walked on it until there was a big safety lane on the right. This way, you don't just get the traffic at the onramp, but every car going north. The safety lane is about 10m wide, so even trucks can stop here.
*[[User:xnothingxheldxbackxx]] There is construction now (Jan.2012) so until it finishes you should walk about ~2km to where it opens up into 4 lanes again - as it is currently there is very little space for people to stop!
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