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'''Istanbul''' is the biggest city of [[Turkey]], partly in [[Europe]] and partly in [[Asia]].
In many parts in Europe you can find Turkish truckers, who might be heading to Istanbul. Watch out for Turkish number plates beginning with '''34''', the city code for Istanbul, however a bigh high proportion of all trucks heading for the asian Asian side of Turkey still have to go through Istanbul.
<map lat='41.04207384890103' lng='28.989486694335937' zoom='10' view='0' float='right' />
After the 40-50 minute walk (about the time when you pass Cevahir shopping center on your right side) you'll see the highway. This is th spot where the Mercidiköy bridge starts and about 70-80 % of the traffic is bound for the Asian side. When you get to the highway (which is actually about 10 meters over you as you are under the bridge) you'll see the Mercidiköy bustation to your left. Turn left,walk 20 meters until you see a small footpath leading up to the highway, climb up, thumb up, and smile at your audience (often about 50-60 people) who are waiting for the Metrobus to come. They might even give you an applause if you just put up a show.
Important: BE PATIENT AND DONT DON'T JUST ACCEPT ANY RIDE. Wait for someone who's going atleast at least past the main intersection in Atesehir (say that you want to go direction Gebze/Izmit on the autoyol). Even though almost no traffic is going far from here it is important that your first ride is gonna take you to the O4 highway after the two highways merges and that may mean declining 1,2 or 4 rides. Ask to get dropped of at the highway and not at some onramp on-ramp or something even more silly (this is [[Turkey]] remember). You may have to repeat it one or two more times before you get out of Istanbul just because of the city's enourmous size.
Alternatively you could wait for a ride to take you across the bridge and get dropped off at the paytolls on the Asian side and find a ride onto the 04 from there.

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