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Phoenix (Arizona)

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=== State Route 87, [[Payson]] Bound ===
If you want to try your luck northeast along the Beeline Highway to Payson and Eastern Arizona, you will need to get out to Fountain Hills past the city of Scottsdale. Local bus service using bus #106 north will only take you part of the way, to Shea Road at 134th street. You will need to go another 10 miles or so past upscale residential areas before beginning to hitchhike without major hassle. There are many drivers en route heading for Fort Mcdowell casino and if you can catch a ride that far you can begin hitchhiking soon after. Try walking along the sidewalk with your back to traffic and your thumb out until you get far enough to really lay on the hitchhiking persuasion.
=== State Route 60 towards [[Wickenburg]], [[Las Vegas]] ===
There's a good spot around 163rd Ave. [[User:Guaka|guaka]] and Kenny only waited a short time before being picked up.
== Legal Issues ==

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