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[[File:4thand5th.JPG|thumb|200px|right|Southbound I-5 onramp at NE 45th St and 5th Ave NE.]]
* You can take a [ bus, BRT (starting 2010)], [ express bus, light rail or train] out to a suburb (Bus 594 will take you to Lakewood, which is decent when going south. Federal Way is another opportunity. Going north? Everett is good as well) and try to hitchhike from there. This is the most common way out, since hitchhiking out of big cities is not popular. However, trying to hitchhike out of a low-income or high-crime suburb or city (such as Tacoma or White Center) may be even harder than hitchhiking out of Seattle city-proper.
* There are exceptional on-ramps to I-5 in the University District, from within Seattle. [[User:amylin| amylin]] got a ride from Seattle to [[Portland (Oregon)|Portland]] from the on-ramp to I-5 South at NE 45th St & 5th Ave. There is a busy intersection at this point, in which vehicles stop and make turns onto the on-ramp, from 3 directions. The space for cars to pullover is not the best, depending on the amount of parked cars. The onramp going North at this same location is also recommended, and many hikers use it to get to [[Vancouver]], [[British Columbia]] (There is also a Vancouver, Washington. To minimize confusion all road signs for Vancouver, British Columbia are labeled "Vancouver, B.C."). The only drawback to this location is that there are frequently homeless people, who beg for food or money, nearby, and drivers may be reluctant to pick up hitchhikers in the presence of so many "unpresentable" people.

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