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== Heading West ([[Carlisle]], M6, A74(M))==
Take the 39 or 40 bus to ''Leamington Road Ends'' (Exit junction from A69 near the start. Walk down to the other side of the junction and onto the A69. The filter lane is very long and is never busy. The traffic on the A69 is usually not going too fast; this is an excellent spot for cars to pull over. Consider waiting for a ride all the way to Carlisle, as it can occasionally be complicated hitching on the A69 Itself.
Bus stop ''Denton Burn, West Road-The Ramparts'' works as well. Take bus 10 or 11 from the Central Station. One of these buses stops right there, the other one turns right two crossings earlier (West Rd/Slatyford Ln, there is a pedestrian brigde over the street). From there, you have to get back on West Road and continue walking west. You'll find the bus stop about 800ft/250m behind the big intersection.
== South toward [[Leeds]], [[Manchester]], [[London]]... A1(M) ==

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