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==== Bus 31 ====
Take bus no. 31 from the city centre (from the squares ''Trg Studentski'' or ''Trg Slavia'') or in front of the large McDonalds), until you get to the intersection of the streets ''Ustanička'' and ''Vojislava Ilića'' (ask someone in the bus for the stop ''Shumice'', but in case you miss is it two stops before the last - on the right you will see a pekarna and its a bigger intersection after going uphill for a while). Turn around and go left, walk to the bridge, cross it, go downstairs, and walk around 150m to the right from the bridge. There you will find a on-ramp to the motorway, and it is the spot from where you can hitchhike towards the toll station. (Alternatively you can walk down the motorway for a couple of hundred meters further and talk to people on a gas station. This might work better, because many people using the on-ramp are not leaving Belgrade.) You should have sign which says "RAMPA" (toll station) in order to get a lift, otherwise you risk staying there for a long time. It is possible that someone who is not going to the toll station, but to Leštane will give you lift, but it is no problem, since after he turns, you have only 10 minutes on foot to the toll station. Once you reach the toll station, it is easy to get direct rides all the way to Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia or even Turkey if the driver allows you to sleep the night in his truck.
* ''[[User:Rozwal|Rozwal]] (October 2011) had a sign RAMPA and got a right ride with a man going out of the highway just before Rampa so the sign proved very very useful.''
==== Bus 29 ====

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