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* If hitchhiking through the countryside (it's worth it!), and your starting point might be the train station in '''Rheine''', use this way to get out in direction south-west: Walk down under the bridge on the left if you leave the station. You'll recognize a pub with a guitar outside and a record store on the right. Walk along this street (''Bahnhofstrasse'') until the next traffic lights, there turn right. Go uphill for some 300m, along a service station, until you cross with the ''Neuenkirchener Strasse''. On the right, you'll recognize another service station, called ''Pludra''. Here now turn left and follow the whole ''Neuenkirchener Strasse'' for some 800-900m. At some point, you'll find a JET service station. Just behind there are some big traffic lights, and 10m behind the lights you'll find a big bus bay for starting your hitchhiking trip. Good spot with much traffic that's passing by slowly. From the train station until this spot, you might walk some 10 minutes.
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