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[[File:Zagreb_t0ma5.jpg|200px|thumb|left|Street that leads to the Lučko toll station]] To get to the ''Lučko'' ramp (toll station) on the motorway you have to catch tram #4, #14,or #17. Get out at stop ''Savski most''. It's a bus terminal where you can catch buses #111 or #132. These buses drive to ''Lučko''. Get off at the 4th stop (15 minutes ride approx.) or ask the driver to tell you where, if nobody ask for a stop you won't be able to count it because the bus won't stop there. Once you get off you will see two streets, a small one very close to you and a big one a bit further that looks like it leads to the motorway but it doesn't, take the small street till the end and you will find the motorway. If you are going to ''Dalmacia'' (Zadar, Split, etc.) don't take rides to Rijeka because it is a bit out of your way. Car plates for each city: Rijeka (RI) Zadar (ZD) Split (ST). It should be very easy to get a ride from there.
=== Direction [[Slavonski Brod]], [[Belgrade]] and [[Bosnia and Herzegovina|Bosnia]] ===
You have three options for these destinations.
* First option is to get a bus on one of the main bus terminals in Zagreb. The name of that terminal is ''Kvatrić'' or ''Kvaternikov Trg''(square), it's close to the centre of Zagreb. There you have to get on bus #216 or #276 which ride you to ''Ivanja Reka'' or the main on-ramp on the motorway. Of course ask the bus driver to leave you in ''Ivanja Reka''. In this place you have 20 minutes of walk through some fields. But don't worry, it's a delightful walk. After you reach the ramp you can easily get rides directly to the border with [[Serbia]], Belgrade and the border with Bosnia.
Take tram #5 or #17 from the centre of Zagreb towards the ''Precko''. Notice that the ride takes a lot of time, 45 minutes at least. In ''Precko'', exit the tram and walk left. You'll see a street that turns right. Take this street and walk 5 minutes till you get to the main street ''Ljubljanska Avenija'' (also called ''Zagrebacka Avenija''). Cross this street in front of the ''Konzum'' supermarket and turn left. You will see a small bus station, this is your spot. However most people commute from this point. Best is to hitchhike from there with a SLO sign. Don't take rides that don't take you at least to the border - There is no good places to hitchhike further down the road. From the border crossing itself it's relatively easy to get a good ride, even as far as to Austria.
On a [[Good times to hitchhike|Sunday]] Erga and [[User:Guaka|guaka]] waited way to long. Not a single car stopped in two hours time, and at the gas stations everyone with space pretended not to go anywhere near Slovenia (West or North). Two Belgian guys didn't manage to get a ride in the same period, also trying in different spots in the area ([[User:Guaka|guaka]] somehow convinced the West Gate bus driver to also pick them up). Use the West Gate option if you're simply heading to Austria, find another solution if you're heading towards Ljubljana...
After more than one hour of waiting, I went further down the road to the next bus stop (in front of FORD car dealer center) where most of the local traffic is gone and I found a ride after 15min.

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