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Western Africa

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'''Western Africa''' is the west part of [[Africa]] along the [[Atlantic Ocean|Atlantic]] Coast, from the middle of the [[Sahara]] to the mountains of [[Cameroon]].
Hitchhiking is possible but many people expect a form of payment. The many [[police]] checkpoints can be useful in many countries to get a ride, though in some countries you have to deal with a corrupt police that will want to get a bribe from you.
== Countries ==
* [[File:Flag of Burkina Faso.svg|30px|border]] [[Burkina Faso]]
* [[File:Flag of Cape Verde.svg|30px|border]] [[Cape Verde]]
* [[File:Flag of Cote d'Ivoire.svg|30px|border]] [[Côte d'Ivoire|Cote d'Ivoire]]* [[File:Flag of The Gambia.svg|30px|border]] [[The Gambia|Gambia]]
* [[File:Flag of Ghana.svg|30px|border]] [[Ghana]]
* [[File:Flag of Guinea.svg|30px|border]] [[Guinea]]

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