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'''Sheffield''' is a former steel mining community that has transformed itself into a vibrant student city since the mines closed in the second half of the 20th century. It is nicknamed '[[England]]'s largest village', as it has a very local, small-town feel to it. It claims more trees and parkland per person than any other [[Europe]]an city, and is built upon seven hills (cycling here is not for the faint-hearted). Despite all this, Sheffield is the fourth biggest city in the [[United Kingdom|UK]].
Many tourists ignore Sheffield, because [[Manchester]] is so close. Many English people also forget that Sheffield exists for some reason. This is fine with Sheffielders - it means that they get to keep their home as their special secret. Sheffield has a strong character of a typical 'northern' city, and there is much to see and do following the recent renovations to the city centre. There is a small but rapidly growing Hospitalityclub community, fueled by the annual 'Bummit' hitchhiking competition organised by Sheffield University. Sheffield is 10 minutes' train ride away from the [[Peak District]] national park, with many mountains and lakes to explore.

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