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Hitchhiking in '''Scotland''' tends to be far easier than [[England]], and can be ''incredibly'' easy in the [[Highlands]] (specifically towards the west coast and islands), with up to 1 in 5 cars stopping. In Dumfries and Galloway, on the Isle of Arran and on the Kintyre penninsula (south-west), hitching locally is reasonably easy.
There aren't many motorways in Scotland. There are, however, some express dual carriage road, such as the A9 or A90. Those are great to hitchhike since it's allowed to hitchhike on the road itself, in bus stations or laybys. Just make sure that you dont stand after a turn and that your sign is large enough.
There are two main roads to get to Scotland from England.
*[[M6 (GB)|M6]]: The western road to Scotland, connecting Birmingham with Manchester, Liverpool and finally Glasgow. Not easy to get on from London, but recommended from anywhere in the West/Southwest as you can easily hop from service station to service station. To get to Edinburgh, fork off at Abington services to take the A road east. Hitching with a sign works better than asking at the services.*[[M1 (GB)|M1]]/[[A1 (GB)|A1]]: The eastern road to Scotland, connecting London, Leeds and Edinburgh. The M1 only goes up to Leeds where it becomes the A1. Relatively easy to hitch out of London on, but the last services before Edinburgh are near Leeds. Afterwards you can hitchhike along the road though as it's not a motorway anymore.
There's ferries from Ireland and Scandinavia, but those can't be hitchhiked. There's always a chance of asking around in ports to find a small boat, though. Boats from the [[Faeroe Islands]] call at [[Scrabster]].
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