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|motorways = [[A1 (Germany)|A1]], [[A30 (Germany)|A30]], [[A33 (Germany)|A33]]
'''Osnabrück''' is a city in [[Lower Saxony]] close to the [[Netherlands|Dutch]] border.
In '''Osnabrück''' the [[A30 (Germany)|A30]] crosses the [[A1 (Germany)|A1]] and the [[A33 (Germany)|A33]]. It is possible to hitchhike directly North towards [[Hamburg]], East towards [[Hannover]], South towards [[Dortmund]] or West towards [[Amsterdam]].
* Some meters behind the traffic light you'll find a car dealer. There's enough space for hitchhikers to stop cars. This spot is good for both directions, you're standing directly in front of the ramps.
* If you're heading eastwards, you can also walk directly to the ramp. Walk around the bend and you'll find a hard shoulder to stand on, but cars will possibly not stop that fast because you're already standing some meters behind the ''[[Autobahn]]'' sign where it's not allowed to hitchhike in [[Germany]]. Nevertheless, it's possible to get lifts from there. (See picture).
'''Attention''': There are two ramps for direction east! It is recommended to take the ramp which is on the street going south (when you're coming from '''Osnabrück'''), the ramp on the other side is smaller and there's not much space for hitchhiking, also the road marking is in a bad condition there. Have a look to the map for relevant information.
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