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Halle (Saale)

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|motorways = [[A9 (Germany)|A9]], [[A14 (Germany)|A14]], [[A38 (Germany)|A38]]
'''Halle (Saale)''' is a city in the south of [[Sachsen-Anhalt]], nearby [[Leipzig]].
== Hitchhiking out ==
===All directions===
A good place to find a lift towards [[Berlin]] (A9) and [[Leipzig]]/[[Dresden]] (A14) is the Aral gas station near ''Wasserturm''. You get there by taking tram #1 in direction of ''Frohe Zukunft'' and getting out at the stop ''Äußere Hordorfer Straße''. The gas station is on your left after the traffic light. You can also take an S-Bahn from the central station and get out at ''S-Bhf Dessauer Brücke'', then you need go up the stairs, cross the street and walk right a few meters.
The B100 continues to the A9, so if you want to hitchhike to Berlin you can also get out at the next traffic light after, there is place to stop and the red light is long enough to ask people directly.
===North towards [[Magdeburg]]===
In general, hitching from Halle to Magdeburg (but also further on in direction of Hannover) is a nightmare. Drivers can go via the exits ''Trotha'', ''Tornau'' or the Bundestraße B100. In the afternoon or morning it could be easier to catch a ride, since quite a few people commute between Halle and Magdeburg.
''Option 1'': Take tram #3, #8 or #12 to the last stop ''Trotha''. Go back to the traffic light where the tram turned and walk 500m along Trothaer Straße (later Magdeburger Chaussee) until you reach an Aral station. Try hitching at the station or stand by the road. After the Aral station there is a shoulder, but it is not tarmaced and not really good to stop. Further up the road there might be a better spot. In the last village ''Beidersee'' there is a bus stop just 750m before the on-ramp where people can easily stop. The service station ''Plötzetal'' is very close from here it is after the next exit ''Löbejün''. If your driver goes to Könnern ask them to go via the highway and drop you at the service station.
''Option 2:''Take the tram #1 to the last stop ''Frohe Zukunft'' and hitch directly at the road with a sign. Especially locals will avoid the longer route via the B100 and drive this way towards the on-ramp ''Tornau'', but also some navigation systems lead you this way. You can accept a lift to the on-ramp, although there is no shoulder to stop.
[[User:N0id|n0id]] once got a direct lift after 10 minutes to Magdeburg at the spot in Frohe Zukunft, but a second time proved to be as bad as the Aral station near Wasserturm where it took usually one hour or more. Although he tried it only once, the first option might be the best.
===West or East: [[A38 (Germany)|A38]]===
You can go with many trams to the stop ''Rennbahnkreuz''. Here begins the B80 which leads from which you can drive on the A38. Might be possible to catch lifts towards Leipzig and towards [[Göttingen]] or [[Kassel]], but there is no real place to stand, just a traffic light (after the bridge) where cars towards Leipzig turn left and all others go straight.
===East to [[Leipzig]]===
It should be possible to catch rides somewhere on ''Delitzer Straße''. Tram #7 goes in that direction from the central station. However, be aware that there are constructions on that road and also the tram might not run to its final stop (May 2011).
==Hitchhiking in=====Coming from the North===
You can get off at ''Tornau''. It is still far to the center, but you can easily hitch another ride during daytime.
==Public transport==You can basically get everywhere by tram. Frequent controls. Sometimes in uniform (easily recognizable), sometimes plain clothes. They alway carry devices to check tickets though!    

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