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First time hitchhiking

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'''To get over this, ''just do it!'''''
This is, of course, more easily said than done, but you can prepare yourself by [[maps|buying a map]], checking out the [[Top tips|Top Tips]], other pages on this wiki, and other [[multimedia|hitchhiking websites]],
making sure you know what a good spot means, and that you know some good spots on the trip you're making and taking a look at your [[appearance]] to make sure you look like a hitchhiker.
== My first time Hitching ==
* [[User:Farshnuke|Farshnuke]]'s [[First time hitchhiking/Farshnuke]]
* Zoe's [[First time hitchhiking/Zoe|First time Hitchhiking]]
* [[User:Guaka|Guaka]]'s [[First time hitchhiking/Stories#Guaka]]
* [[First time hitchhiking/Quarim]]
* Pnadapand's [[First time hitchhiking/PnadapandPandapand|You Can Do It Too!]]
== A Step-by-Step Approach ==
# How do you imagine you first hitchhiking day? What distance would it be? Between where and where? Where would you try to start from? Who would pick you up? Let your imagination run!
==Join (more or less) organized events==
It can be a good idea to participate in [[hitchhiking for charity|charity hitchhiking events]] or [[hitchhiking races]] - also on CouchSurfing you can often find people organizing bigger or smaller events where you can probably find a more experienced hitchhiker to hitchhike with.
==External links==
* [ Hitchhiking is easy], a hitchhiking how-to
* [ How To Hitchhike] a useful set of tips for first time hitchhikers at
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