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Darién Gap

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== From Panama to Colombia ==
To hitch a boat get to the ''San Cristobal Marina'' in ''Colon'', [[hitchhiking a boat|boat hitching]] is never easy so be prepared to wait days or weeks. There are 2 marinas (including balboa marina) in [[Panama City]] but chances for [[Colombia]] are lower. On both sides many boats go to the South Pacific and you also may get a ride through the canal as linehandler.
The reverse of the method discussed above also works. To catch a plane to Obaldia go to the aiport in Panama city. To get to Carti ask for the road to the Kuna Yala national park. From there boats into the San Blas are eratic but existant, although I'm not sure they would take anyone for free as they do come there specifically to pick people up. To find the trail you would have to follow the Panamerican as far south as it goes, and then head north to the coast in the comarca Kuna Yala. Then you will still need a boat to reach Obaldia (there is no walking there unless you fancy being kidnapped by FARC...)
== Crossing by dinghy ==
There is several stories of people crossing by dinghy on the [ Argentinian hitchhikers forum].

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