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The European hitchhiking festival took place in [[Sines]], [[Portugal]] with approximately 80 participants participating.
The first two editions took place in [[Paris]], [[France]] on 08/08/08 and in [[Odessa|Odesa]], [[Ukraine]] on 07/08/09. See [[project 888|888]] and [[789]] for past discussions and information.
== Latest News ==
We know that we're going to [[Portugal]]. The exact spot will be Parque de Campismo de Sines in [[Sines]]. Here is the summary of what we have and what we know about it.
===Lisboa=======Casa Amarela====
[ link]
Very hot! Not in the nature.
[ link]
* Location at a windmill with forest/field, 3-4 km to the beach
* Negative: little shadow available, having to walk 3-4 km between the two spots
[ map]
[ Parque de Campismo de Sines]
* little village at the seaside, 160 km south of Lisbon
* camping in the heart of town possible, though probably not admitted
* Positive: active support from locals who offered to mediate with the city hall. BBQ, shadow, showers, toilets, next to the beach, good promotion opportunities after a world music festival that takes place there at the end on July.
* Negative: need to be decided what strategy to adopt with regards to local authorities:
option1- we ask for permission to the camping owners (the city municipal county)

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