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Take a ''KM3'' (short for ''Kolej Mazowieckie'') train in direction of '''Łowicz''' or '''Sochaczew''' (sometimes only going to ''Błonie'') and get of at the station '''Ożarów Mazowiecki'''. You can take these trains from platform #3 at ''Warszawa Śródmieście'' which is next to the Central Station, but '''not''' the same! It is more East of the Central Station and South to the Palace of Culture and Science. Have a look at the timetables and different station from where to take the trains on [ the website], since they run often just one or two times in an hour.
Tickets cost probably a few Zlotys and there are likely to be more or less frequent controlszlotys, make sure you buy one before entering the train (?alternatively you can buy one in the train in the first car). [[File:Ożarów Mazowiecki.jpg|200px|thumb|left|The busstop bus stop on PoznanskaPoznańska]]When you get out at the station in ''Ożarów Mazowiecki'' (make sure you keep an eye out for the correct station, Ożarów Mazowiecki only has one sign at the end of the station) just leave the station to the right (facing away from Warsaw) and follow Marii Konopnickie Konopnickiej Street until you reach a bigger street, Poznanska Poznańska (about 500m). Another few hundred meters to the East you will find a bus stop with plenty of space to stop (it's across the street from the church). It's just one lane, cars are going quite slow and you avoid a great deal of local traffic out of Warsaw.
=== South towards [[Radom]], [[Kielce]], [[Kraków]] {{National Road Number Poland|7}} {{E|77}} ===

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