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Get tram 7, 9, 35 from the city centre e.g ''Aleje Jerozolimskie'', ''Warszawa Centralna'' (Main Train Station), ''Centrum'' (Warsaw Metro station) going in the direction of '''''Okęcie''''' and get off at the last stop. Once you get there, there is a bus stop some 50 meters away from the tram terminus further down the road. It is one of the usual hitchhiking spots in Warsaw and many drivers often drive slowly to check if there are hitchhikers waiting. It also has the merit of being located some 50 meters from lights, which give the drivers some time to see you. This location has the downside of being a popular hitching spot for workers returning home for the weekend, usually to Kielce or Radom. It should be noted that for the most part, these people are not "hitchhikers", but simply individuals wishing to get a ride home, often in exchange for a small fare. As a result, rules commonly accepted amongst hitchhikers (such as waiting in line) may not be respected at this spot. To distinguish yourself from them, place your backpack in front of you and make a sign to look like a professional hitchhiker.
* '''Option 2'''
From the final stop of trams 7, 9, 35 '''''Okęcie''''' (the one mentioned above in Option 1) look for the free 2PLN bus to '''''Centrum Janki''''' ([ timetable]), a large shopping centre some 20 kilometers kilometres from the city centercentre. If you can't find the free bus, take a bus normal city bus to Janki ( Numbers 707,728,807 go up to Janki while Bus N88,Bus 706 and 807 start from Okecie Okęcie and go to the IKEA Bus Station which is also the shopping center centre stop right after the Janki bus stop. In case of confusion at Okiecie Okęcie while boarding the Bus, make sure you ask the Bus Driver whether the Bus is going to the IKEA Bus Stand or not.The Bus Station at the IKEA Shopping center centre is called "SZWEDZKIPlac Szwedzki" (Swedish Sq.) which is right after Janki bus stop. Most Polish don't understand English so speak simple plain language. ** CAVEAT: Though most people will at Okecie Okęcie tell you that all buses goto go to Janki, don't make the mistake of taking Bus 715 , since it turns left just before 3 stops of Janki into the Polish country side right after the Bus Stop called SPORTOWASportowa. Be aware and if you take this bus, make sure you get down at Sportowa and take another bus for "SZWEDZKIPlac Szwedzki".
Once you're there at Janki Bus Station,right after that bus stop notice that the road splits into two separate roads. The earlier, eastern one which turns towards the left after the Janki Bus Station is national road no. 7 (E77) where you can hitch towards Kielce, Radom, Kraków. After getting down at "SZWEDZKI" bus stop / IKEA , get out back on this highway walk some 100m on this road till you arrive at the first bus stop which is a good spot to hitchhike.
Last verified: june June 2011 (by Magda and Ron) Verified and Corrected Instructions put on 22nd August, 2011 by (Vidhi Chhariya from India)
* '''Option 3'''
From the final stop of trams 7, 9, 35 '''''Okęcie''''' take a bus 707, 721, 728 to the '''''Sękocin ŁasLas''''' stop (23 min). Hitchhike right from this bus-stop.
=== Southwest towards [[Wrocław]] {{National Road Number Poland|8}} {{E|67}}, [[Łódź]] {{National Road Number Poland|72}}, [[Katowice]] {{National Road Number Poland|1}} {{E|75}} ===

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