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I didn't really take any bus, just walked. When you are in the centre, next to the main tourist information look for a Knyiaginia Maria Luiza street and follow it until you find yourself on the Tsarigratsko shose. There are plenty of hitchhiking spots, but I would recommend walking a little bit further to increase your safety against local gypsies and just catch more cars going out of the city. To find yourself at this place you need to cross the circle crossing and keep going straight on. Once you notice a bridge, cross the bridge and after the bridge there will be a hitching spot waiting for you.
Or you can also in front of the main railway station (Centralna Gara) take the bus 26 or 36 and take off at Tsarigradsko Shose. Walk a bit further till the beginning of the bridge where you can start thumbing.

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