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British Columbia

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'''British Columbia''' is the Westernmost province of [[Canada]], the home of the Rocky Mountains and the window on the Pacific Ocean.
The capital city is [[Victoria]] situated on the Vancouver Island, while [[Vancouver]] is the largest city and the third metropole of [[Canada]].
Be advised, The legality of hitchhiking is described in BC's ''prohibited by lawMotor Vehicle Act''' in BC in accordance with . According to section 182 (3), "A person must not be on a roadway to solicit a ride, employment or business from an occupant of a vehicle." However, the British Columbia Motor Vehicle Actdefines roadways to mean "the portion of the highway that is improved, designed or ordinarily used for vehicular traffic, but does not include the shoulder, and if a highway includes 2 or more separate roadways, the term "roadway" refers to any one roadway separately and not to all of them collectively (. That being said..)", albeit there are a number of highways which entirely bar pedestrian use (see external links). While this indicates that hitchhiking is should be legal when standing on the shoulder of a highway, law enforcement may not uncommon in BC and you are unlikely to be bothered by aware of the policedetails of this legislation.
== Cities ==
* [ BC Motor Vehicles Act regarding hitchhiking]
* [ Legaltree: Is hitchhiking legal in BC?}
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