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[[File:Lapataia.jpg|thumb|600px| Arriving at Punta Lapataia in Ushuaia, January 2012]]  Chael (<small>pron.</small> keyl<small>)</small> is from [[Chicago]], [[Illinois]] in the [[United States]]. In 2007, he began hitching in 2007[[France]], and has since found himself on the many roads of the Americas , and for much longer than initially planned out. But Over the years, he supposes has come to share the belief with some fellow hitchers than plans are the killers of adventure. Now, he follows roads based on ''ideas'' alone.  == Velabas == He maintains a virtual presence at [ Velabas].com. Velabas is meant to document his travels throughout the world. Although his most recent exploits began in August of 2009, it was a full year before he began writing at Velabas. Velabas is not only to document his travels, but to share drawings and ficiton witing as well. The idea of the website is to claim his own space in the virtual world outside of any pre-fabricated format web builder. It is also meant to link to like-minded travelers' websites in order to foster global connections. The journey is not a continuous one, the idea being that's he will take breaks when necessary. However, the way journey must always pick up exactly where it had left off, to create a global continuity of thingsroad and water travel.  == Countries Travelled by Thumb == [[France]], [[The Netherlands]], huh?[[Czech Republic]], [[Poland]], [[Turkey]], [[United States]], [[Mexico]], [[Guatemala]], [[El Salvador]], [[Honduras]], [[Nicaragua]], [[Costa Rica]], [[Panama]], [[Colombia]], [[Ecuador]], [[Peru]], [[Chile]], and [[Argentina]].  == Gallery == <gallery>Image:Drawbath.jpg|A drawing of men at the urinalsImage:Shadowdunes.jpg|Sitting among Peruvian Dunes, June 2011Image:Travelhat.jpg|The old and unraveling traveler cap.</gallery>

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