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Medyka-Shehyni border crossing

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Waiting times by car could go up to 8 or more hours, depending on the traffic, of course, so the best way is to take your backpack and walk over by foot. Unfortunately, depending on your nationality, waiting time can fluctuate pretty much. There will be most likely be a small/no queue for EU/EEA citizens and a very long one with "all other passports", even at 5 in the morning.
* [[User:MaxHermens]] says: Even before you enter this queue, there is a tons big group of of people waiting outside. They're taking Vodka across the border as a job. They push and pull and will call you names. Be prepared and perhaps it's best not to know Ukrainian at this point.
There's a 1 hour time difference between both countries, so don't forget to set your clock if you require one.

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