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This option costs one local ticket. Porte de la Chapelle is where the [[A1 autoroute (France)|A1]] starts. Local drivers say they often see hitchhikers there. To get there take a metro 12 to ''Porte de la Chapelle'', then walk to the roundabout. You can try getting a ride on the roundabout (there are traffic lights, which means that cars have to stop) or you can stand on the opposite side facing the roundabout where the motorway starts. Another good option is to start hitchhiking in the same street where the metro is. There are 2 petrol stations in that very street, just 50m deeper into the city. They aren't overcrowded, and at the same time quite a few cars going up the North stop here for refill; nonetheless, at such places much is depended on your luck, and according to some hitchhikers this place won't make to the TOP10 best hitchhiking places in France. It is therefore rather recommended to hitchhike at the roundabout where a quiet lane right by the traffic lights gives you a good opportunity to get onto the motorway (avoiding at the same time all the traffic that heads for ''Boulevard Periphique'').
 '''THIS MOTORWAY ENTRANCE IS NOT CURRENTLY OPEN DUE TO CONSTRUCTION'''... 18.8Reopening is scheduled in summer 2012.2010 -- and There's an entrance still in operation, for the cars coming from the Peripherique (ring highway), so the traffic coming from inside Paris isdiverted through Porte d'Aubervilliers (the next Ring entrance east).You can get there taking the "PC" bus from Porte de la Chapelle east or from Porte de la Vilette west.There's a roundabout with traffic lights and cars going to A1 take the outer ring entrance ("Périphérique intérieur"). Frequent traffic jams, and this access might be closed too on evenings, nights and weekends. 1-7-2011
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