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== Paris public transport ==
Public transport in Paris consists of a metro (lines from number 1 to 14), RER (fast trains serving the suburbs with relatively few inner city stops, lines from letter A to E), buses (lines from number 20 to ...?) and trams (lines from T1 to T4). If you want to make a few voyages, the cheapest option is to buy a carnet of 10 single tickets (1112,60 50 euros instead of 1,60 70 each- July 2011). You can travel to the end of RER lines for about 15 euros. If you stay in Paris for several days and will use transport often you can also buy a pass "Mobilis" for one or several days (EUR 5.90 for one day inside Paris) - it is valid on metro, RER and ground transportation. If you stay for a week or more - consider geting a "passe Navigo découverte", which is a chargeable card with picture (5 euros to make). You can then buy a weekly ticket for EUR 17.20. Note that this replaces the former "Carte Orange". All prices as of Winter 2010.
=== Metro system ===
=== Going to ''Charles de Gaulle''/''Roissy'' airport ===
Bus line 350 goes to ''Gare de l'Est'', and line 351 - to ''Place de la Nation''. You're supposed to validate 3 tickets (which is a lot cheaper than travelling by RER); checks are said rare to occur.
== Sleeping in Paris ==

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