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To travel northward to '''Berlin''', '''Dessau''' or '''Leipzig''' (or southward to '''Munich''') - build a cardboard sign indicating 'A4' or 'Kreuz Hermsdorf' and stand at the northern (westward) Autobahn entrance. Get off the car two interchanges later at 'Hermsdorf' and walk along the Autobahn and through a forest to the relais (rest area) [ Rastanlage Hermsdorf] on A9/E51 (Munich/Berlin). Alternatively, the driver might directly bring you there. You can conveniently change sides (north/south) through a foottunnel next to the motel and restaurant on the western side of the relais.
'Hermsdorfer Kreuz' is a very good spot to reach both Munich as well as Berlin on A9/E51. It is by car only ten minutes away from Gera.

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