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There are two probable places to get out of Chemnitz on A4 in eastward (Dresden) and westward (Jena, Weimar, Erfurt, Kassel, Frankfurt) direction.
From Chemnitz 'Zentralhaltestelle', take bus number 21 (CHEMNITZ CENTER) (note: this is a shopping mall - not the city centre!) to 'Heidelberger Straße'. On B95, there are two petrol stations (Aral and JET) where you will easily find drivers that go to Dresden or Leipzig. There is also a Mc. Donalds restaurant before the bridge of over autobahn A4 and a Burger King restaurant behind the bridge of A4. To reach those place from the city-center it should not take longer than 10 to 15 minutes.
Another good spot is 'Rastanlage Auerswalder Blick' to go east or west on A4 / E 40. From the city center of Chemnitz ('Zentralhaltestelle'), take bus number 22 to the final stop GLÖSA and change there to bus number 63 (EBERSDORF). Get off at busstop 'Corinthstraße'. Continue walking behind the bus on 'Schmidt-Rotluff-Straße' and 'Chemnitzer Landstraße' in eastward direction for about 20 minutes to reach the southern (eastward) Rastanlage. To reach the other side, change after 10 minutes walking on 'Schmidt-Rotluff-Straße' on 'Liebemannstraße' (north) and the tunnel underneath A4 / E40 to reach the northern (westward) Rastanlage. To reach both places it should not take longer than 45 minutes from the center of Chemnitz.

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