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[[CB radio]] is quite popular in Poland not only among truck drivers, which might help in getting a ride. If you're lucky they can ask other drivers to take you further. You might even ask them gently to do that, especially in bad weather conditions or by night.
Hitching by night is possible in Poland but not easy. On national roads try to find bright spot where drivers can see you. Use bright clothes. The best options are petrol stations where you can speak with the drivers while they fill up the tank.
[[Public transport]]While staying in bigger cities check []. It will find for you every single connection between point A and B within city limits and show ticket price, route on google, bus stops names and timetables. Just write the name of a street where you are in a form called "Z" (or pick a point on google map) and the place you want to go in form "DO". It will do the rest.
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