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Walk on Nobelvägen in the direction of Dalaplan and Mobilia shopping center. When you reach Dalaplan, Nobelvägen changes name to Trelleborgsvägen, but continue until next big cross where Trelleborgsvägen meets Stadiongatan. Just before Stadiongatan there is a big bus stop that is possible to hitch from. Use a sign that says "DK".
You can also take bus number 6 towards Klagshamn and get of at the stop Ollebo. Walk left towards the roundabout and stand just after it. Once again a sign with 'DK' is very helpful.An even better place is to walk across the roundabout and through the tunnel to the highway entrance. A lot of space for cars to stop, they come in a slow speed and they are all going to Denmark. The best place to get to Denmark from Malmö.  
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