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Hitchwiki:Hitchgathering/Website translation

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To translate the website, you need to have an account on AND to be listed as a 'translator' on the same website. You can apply for becoming a translator on your profile. An admin will then come back to you.
As a translator, you'll be able to see a "translate" button on top of pretty much all sorts of content on the website. The website is set to display all content in the language of choice if a translation exists, or in English if there is no translation yet. So one way to go about translating, is to browse the website in your language, and every time a piece of text comes up in English, translate it if you feel like it.
Now the most important thing to translate is the navigation menus of the website. There is an orange one right below the website's name, and a very discreet one at the bottom of each page (my account...). And those don't have a "translate" button around them...
Between two events, the menu structure can change quite a bit. Some menu items will are new, some are gone, some stay, but the place they point to is likely to have changed too. So, when translating the menu, it's important to go through ALL the menu items, including those that seem to not have changed. Fortunately, there are not many. Due to a drupal flaw, menu items are not considered part of the interface (and thus translatable with the cute blue bar), neither part of the content (thus translatable like a front page post). So we have to go out of our way a little bit to find how to translate them.
===General philosophy First thing to try: While browsing the website in your language, click on the item you want to translate. You will land on the page that the menu item is pointing to. That page might have a "translate" button. If you click on that, you'll be able to translate the content of the page, but also the menu item that is associated with it (menu settings). So, just delete the English word and replace it with the translation===, translate the content too, save, and that's it.
Due But some menu items don't point to a page that has a "translate" button. So we have to go in the admin section of the website to find them.*Noticed that, since you're a drupal flawtranslator, there's a little black bar above the website? It say's "site building" (among other things). Point to that, and another menu items are not considered part of will drop down with the "translate interface (" and thus translatable inside that "search". Click it.*You'll land on an administration page with a couple of options:*string contains: enter a word or two as in a search engine to find the menu item you're planning to translate.*Langage: leave it.*Search in: leave it*Limit search to: "menu".*Click "search". the cute blue bar)website should give you a list of items to translate, neither part one of them being the one you're searching. If not, beware your search keywords. "Item 1" is not the content same as "item 1". Try both.*When you found your menu item, click on "edit" (thus translatable like a front page postto the right). This is the trick we're using:*Add a translation for your language
There Yeah, it sucks, but there are actually many more menu items than the eye can see. I just counted 44. Each menu item is set to show up only on one language. So, 7 of these like 10 menu items are tagged "english", and only those 7 show up on the english page. 7 others are tagged "french", so only those will show up on the french page. The english menu item of the list of participants ("who") is IN NO WAY linked to the french menu item for the same page ("qui"). So if we change the url for that page, and the french translator doesnlet't manually go and fill in the new url, the english menu item will work but not the french ones get done with it.
===How to translate=FAQ==

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