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Horgos-Röszke border crossing

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Into Serbia
The '''Horgos-Röszke border crossing''' links [[Hungary]], near the city of [[Szeged]], with [[Serbia]] near the town of Horgos.
The crossing is situated on the E75, which is a motorway to [[Budapest]] and an express carriageway to [[Novi Sad]]. There is heavy traffic, both trucks and cars. Walking across this border is permitted, and in fact you should get out of the car and walk across because there is often a long wait for border controls.
*There are actually two separate border crossings about 150 meters apart. TheLoneBaker was told that walking across the highway crossing was not allowed and that the crossing for foot traffic was a short distance off to the left. However, the officer in question allowed her to simply approach cars near the front of the line to find a ride across the border instead.
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It == Hitching out == === Into Hungary === On Hungarian side walk for 300 meters and you will find a petrol station where you can ask drivers. Be aware that most of the cars are Serbian drivers going somewhere nearby, so it is situated not that easy to get away, but you will not starve there either. === Into Serbia === Whether you can hitch from the border depends on the E75mood of the police that day. Sometimes there's no problem with standing a few meters down from passport control, and you might even see other hitchhikers. At other times, the police may ask you to move to the petrol station 1.5 km down the road. However, if they ask you to move, it often suffices to walk another 200 m down to the green road sign and hitch from there. There's, however, a big parking lot with insurance and customs agents' booths right after you walk out of the control booths - a lot of people stop here to get some fresh air, which get their paperwork in order or to take a leak. This is a motorway perfect chance to talk to people and score direct rides into Bulgaria and even deep into Turkey! Look for out-of-place plates such as UK, Austria, Germany or Netherlands - these are almost exclusively Bulgarian and Turkish expatriates. A lot of opportunities here! The cops also can't kick you out of a parking lot - you're obviously getting insurance! This is especially true between May and August. Many of the drivers are ethnic Hungarians who are going no further than [[BudapestSubotica]] and an express carriageway . If you want to get to [[Novi Sad]]or [[Beograd]], write it on a sign. There is heavy traffic If you want to get a lift to southern Serbia, both trucks and cars. Hungary is part of the [[Schengen AgreementMacedonia]] or [[Bulgaria]] but Serbia isn't, it is best to write a sign "Bulgaria", because very many Bulgarians are driving back from Western Europe through this border crossing. Even if you are not going so border controls far, you can take some time. Leave the truck and cross the border rely on foot. On them to leave you at, for example, the Serbian side it happened to big toll station after [[piteBeograd]] twice that he was sent away by the police to the petrol station further down the road[[File:Röszke.jpg|300px]]

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