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'''Norway''' is a country in [[Europe]]. It is a member state of the [[Schengen Agreement]], but is not part of the [[European Union]]. Its capital is [[Oslo]]. Its neighbouring countries are [[Sweden]], [[Finland]] and [[Russia]].
The main challenge while travelling in Norway is the rapidly shifting weather, so be prepared for anything, as they say here: ''There is not no such thing as bad weather, only just bad clothing''.
Most people speak [[England|English]] well enough for reasonable communication. People have been told to be wary from foreigners. Recently, it's been all over the news that some gypsies wait on the road with a broken car and steal cars from people stopping to help them, and it doesn't help much, especially if you're not quite white. If you look like a hobo your chance decreases further. Look presentable to increase your chances of getting picked up and be friendly. Ask questions.
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