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'''Montpellier''' is a city in the South of [[France]].
If you like [[safe]] and easy hitchhiking, it's advised to take Tram number 1 to Odysseum, get off at Place de France, which is one stop before the last stop, then walk bit back to Av de Mondial 98 till the roundabout Evariste Galois (5min walking)(there is nice map in tramstation, where you can check). On the left you see the hill. Go up (better to have good shoes on!) and you find at the top this brilliant hitchhiking spot - Elf [[petrol station]]. You can try there, or stand with a sign on Av Pierre Mendes, just before the entrance to the station.
[;hl=en&amp;q=Rond-Point+Evariste+Galois,+34000+Montpellier,+H%C3%A9rault,+Languedoc-Roussillon,+Francja&amp;sll=43.607424,3.914373&amp;sspn=0.003698,0.009398&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;cd=1&amp;geocode=0,43.608161,3.913645&amp;ll=43.608721,3.913643&amp;spn=0.007396,0.018797&amp;z=16&amp;iwloc=addr where it is?]
=== South or West towards [[Perpignan]], [[Toulouse]], [[Bordeaux]] and [[Barcelona]] ===
<&lt;map lat='43.60702755812576' lng='3.9308738708496094' zoom='15' view='0' float='right' />
The "all directions" tip, above, by far seems the best bet as these two mean hitching out of a roundabout, which is never as favorable as a péage. But if in any case you need to hitch out without using the tram or péage others have used these routes:
'''Option One''': Another option is to get to ''Place de L'Europe'' ([;lng=3.9101028442382812&amp;zoom=15&amp;trip=0 location]), for example by taking tramline 1. From there you can already see signs to the motorway. You can either follow those signs and the main road ''Avenue de Président Pierre Mendes France'' for about 15 to 20 minutes, or get a ride from where this road starts to either your destination or to a better location further up the road, at the roundabout where the main motorway A9/E15 actually connects to the ''Avenue de Président Pierre Mendes France''.
''Note'': There is not a very good spot for cars to stop, but they stop at the [[roundabout]] for traffic with enough time to ask drivers for a ride, and for them to open the door.
'''Option Two''': A second option is the [;om=1&amp;z=15&amp;ll=43.58953,3.891821&amp;spn=0.01548,0.040255 roundabout] off ''Avenue de Palavas''. However there is no good spot for cars to stop at the roundabout, and nowhere on the ramp either. [[Zac]] waited for an entire day for a ride to [[Perpignan]] without luck and shamefully retreated to the train station.
== Useful tips ==

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