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=== Border Crossing ===
There are three border checkpoints with [[Syria]]. One in the west of the country (towards [[Damascus]]) and two in the north. There is also a checkpoint to [[Israel]], but the author of this article is at this very moment not sure if it's not open or not.
* Aaboudiye checkpoint: Checkpoint in the north of Lebanon and north-west of Syria, might be a choice if you come from [[Tripoli (Lebanon)|Tripoli]] going towards [[Tartus]], [[Homs]] or [[Aleppo]]. The bus from [[Beirut]] to [[Aleppo]] goes this way. Small border checkpoint, very bad condition of the roads, mostly taxi's and buses around here. Not much traffic at all. Take care! [[User:Platschi|Platschi]] recommends to take the Masnaa checkpoint, which in fact is much further away (if going to Hama/Homs or Aleppo), but also possible to hitch in one day from Beirut. If you're lucky (as many tourists are, as there are in fact not many traveling this checkpoint), officers might give you even a 30 days visa for '''Lebanon''' for free.

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