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== Hitching Out ==
=== North towards [[Berlin]], [[Magdeburg]], South towards [[München]] {{Autobahn|9}} ===
;First option
There is also a nice petrol station on the B2, it's the last petrol station for people coming from the city center(?). Take tram 14 to ''Messegelände''. Go back in direction of the previous tram stop (street ''Alte Dübener Landstraße''), cross the Street (''Messe-Allee'') and follow the bike path. It underpasses the railway and you finally get to ''Zschortauer Straße''. Turn left, there the back entrance to the petrol station is almost immediately on the right. [,+12.395444&daddr=Alte+D%C3%BCbener+Landstra%C3%9Fe+%4051.394559,+12.394547+to:Graf-Zeppelin-Ring+%4051.391742,+12.393601+to:51.385792,12.390143&hl=en&geocode=7430204521375212132,51.398124,12.395444%3B7331407810391153862,51.394559,12.394547%3B3946222946419670169,51.391742,12.393601%3B&mra=mi&mrcr=2&mrsp=3&sz=15&dirflg=w&sll=51.387263,12.394252&sspn=0.019845,0.046821&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=15 Google Maps] doesn't know about the bike path but you can see it in satellite view.
=== East towards [[Dresden]] {{Autobahn|14}} {{Autobahn|38}} ===
[[File:Hitching spot leipzig.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Spot in Leipzig described in Option 2 for hitchhiking North or South]]

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