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Please check whether the road works still go on as posted on hitchbase, section Meusdorf!
<small> Update 2010-11-05/11/2010 by [[User:Jeensg|jeensg]] 23:03, 7 November 2010 (CET): Roadworks still go on (like one year to go), but eventually still people passing by and good spot with big Bus stop and gas station afterwrdsafterward, where you can ask and also stand with sign!!! Driver told, that most traffic now is going via B2!</small>
On Permoser Straße there are three gas stations, first Aral, then HEM and lateron bft, which is the closest to the motorway. Since there are not necessarily a lot of people to ask getting gas, it's recommendable to have a sign saying "A14 [Dresden]". [[Dizzy]]'s waiting time: 15 minutes.
<small> Update 2010-11-05/11/2010 by [[User:Jeensg|jeensg]] 23:03, 7 November 2010 (CET): Entry to motorway is closed! '''Please check before!!!'''</small>
In the direction of Dresden you then have a service area called "Muldental" since a lot of people turn of before Dresden so that you can use also the rather local traffic.
== Overnight ==
There are several youth hostels in Leipzig. There is one about a mile out of the city. It's easily walkable, just head out left from the train station's main entrance, and follow the road round to the right. Keep walking past a head shop, and take a left, then a right on a street that runs parallel. Keep walking to the end of the road, then turn left over the bridge over the train tracks. After you've walked over the train tracks, there's an interesting little village made up of wendy houses. Walk through this, heading to the far corner. Turn right, and walk parallel with the train tracks. You should she an old pub in the middle of an HLM type housing estate. Make a note of it, because it does fantastic food. Carry on for about another 200 yards200m, then hang a left. The youth hostel is on the left, just on a small service road.
* If you've got an unstamped ticket, you can argue that you didn't know about validating it - the tourist act usually works
* After 8pm20:00, you usually need to get in buses at the front and show your ticket to the bus driver
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