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Take the Tram #15 or #2 from the city center towards ''Meusdorf'' and get out at the last station. Go 250 Meters further to the next bus stop. This is the best spot to [[Dresden]] over A38 and A14/A4.
Please check whether the road works still go on as posted on hitchbase, section Meusdorf! <small> Update 05/11/2010 by [[User:Jeensg|jeensg]] 23:03, 7 November 2010 (CET): Roadworks still go on (like one year to go), but eventually still people passing by and good spot with big Bus stop and gas station afterwrds, where you can ask and also stand with sign!!! Driver told, that most traffic now is going via B2!</small> 
;Second option
On Permoser Straße there are three gas stations, first Aral, then HEM and lateron bft, which is the closest to the motorway. Since there are not necessarily a lot of people to ask getting gas, it's recommendable to have a sign saying "A14 [Dresden]". [[Dizzy]]'s waiting time: 15 minutes.
<small> Update 05/11/2010 by [[User:Jeensg|jeensg]] 23:03, 7 November 2010 (CET): Entry to motorway is closed! '''Please check before!!!'''</small>
In the direction of Dresden you then have a service area called "Muldental" since a lot of people turn of before Dresden so that you can use also the rather local traffic.

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