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On Permoser Straße there are three gas stations, first Aral, then HEM and lateron bft, which is the closest to the motorway. Since there are not necessarily a lot of people to ask getting gas, it's recommendable to have a sign saying "A14 [Dresden]". [[Dizzy]]'s waiting time: 15 minutes.
In the driection direction of Dresden you then have a service area called "Muldental" since a lot of people turn of before Dresden so that you can use also the rather local traffic.
== Hitching In==
Hitchhiking into the city can be difficult, especially if traveling along the A14. If your driver doesn't mind driving a 10 km detour, you can get off at Leipzig-North. Don't get off at the on-ramp, there is no way to turn around for the driver. Otherwise, options are the airport where a train is going regularly into the city. If traveling the A9, you can best get off at Leipzig-West. After 2 minutes of driving there's a bridge and a traffic light where your driver can turn around. Info is not 100% varifiedverified, so take care.
== Overnight ==
* If you've got an unstamped ticket, you can argue that you didn't know about validating it - the tourist act usually works
* After 8pm, you usually need to get in buses at the front and show your ticktet ticket to the bus driver
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