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'''Mentostop''' (russian Russian милиция=>менты + автостоп) is a funny and extreme way of hitchhiking. Mentostop is effective in some poor countries with very strong police and military aspect. Could be extremely effective after terrorist attack and less effective after peaceful period. In fact people in unstable countries tended to help or save another crazy foreigner crossing their land from another terrorist attack. Why should you refuse them? Let the people feel them as a part of helping process.
Before ask a policeman be sure that your documents are complitely completely OK.
'''Better to know at least elementary Russian language'''.
=== [[Kazakhstan]] ===
Since campaign against corruption was started policemans policemen became freindly friendly and helpfullhelpful. Usually triing trying to get a bus for you. Lifts across the country available. 1000+ km is not a limit. Best way to get a ride for a nighttime.
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