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Another option is sleeping by the roundabout of the Colom monument near the port at the end of ''Las Ramblas'' although the traffic nearby can be quite noisy. You can sleep near statues of lions and as long as you are low-key about it, both police and locals probably won't disturb your stay. Hitchhiker [[Zac]] did this is October 2006 and had no problems with thieves, but discretion is wise nonetheless.
Another great option is to take a late train to the park in the North-West of Barcelona. For example, you can take the S2 to ''Sabadell'' (ticket zone 1) leaving from ''Placa de Catalunya'' and getting off at ''Baixador de Vallvidrera'': there is a big park which is nearly like a forest, and you will find a very good and lonesome place to stay within 500 meters from the station.
;Before camping around Barcelona you should know that the place is crowling with wild boars!!!There are hundreds of them... I was using the canyelles option but i dont have any reason to belive that it's defrent in Sadabell. However.. if you do feel brave here are some tips to help you stay alive.. I slept there 3 nights. wild boars are active after the sunset and until dawn. they have very sensitive sense of smell and hearing so they will allways know you're around. 1. Stay away from the canes!! this is where they live and somtimes they spend the night there if they find enough food.2. Dont take food to you're place.3. Don't provoke wild boars! they afraid of nothing. if somthing happens back off slowly. 4. a wild boar usually wont attack if he doesnt feel Threatened. They will probably stay away from you but they will come to sniff your tent once you're inside... I did nothing and they went away... 5. It's best if you stay beside a tree that you can climb on if anything happens.6. If you see a mother and her cubs stay the fuck away.  You can also take the metro from "Placa de Catalunya" to "Canyelles" station, walk about 200 yards uphill uphibll from the station and find some nice hills to camp/sleep out/hang a hammock in.
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