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'''Motorway ramp option''': Go down the ''Avenue Carnot'' along the ''Massy-Palaiseau'' railway, towards the ''autoroute''. After a while there you will see a long stretch of a road with lots of space for cars. Keep going and you will reach a roundabout. If you keep following this road, you will reach a motorway exit underneath a bridge. Make sure to get a ride to the first ''barrière de péage'' (30+ km) at St-Arnoult or to the Briis-sous-Forges service station 5 km down the road.
'''Bus Option''': The first petrol station is situated near the village called ''Briis-sous-Forges''. To get there you need to take either RER B to ''Massy-Palaiseau'' From there take the bus 91.03 to ''Briis-sous-Forges''. It runs about 3 times an hour on weekdays, once an hour on Saturdays, and there are no buses on Sundays. The petrol station is situated a couple of kms North from the village. To reach it you will need to find ''Route d'Invilliers'', a small local road. Once you are there, make sure your driver takes the right road as the A11 starts not far away. It's not easy to find the road to the gas station. no one in this village knows what street he is living in let alone that route you're looking for. They don'teven t even know that there'sa s a gas station in the area. write the instructions and study the map!! I was lost in this village for couple of hours.

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