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British Columbia

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=== Vancouver ===
Most populated cities it may be harder to find rides, especially around the Greater Vancouver Area & inward toward the westcoast. In order to hitchhike out of Vancouver first take Skytrain to Gateway Station in Surrey. From a bus stop across the street, a bus will take you fairly close to a certain highway onramp on the Trans Canada. Bus drivers will be able to give more specific information.
If you want to go North out of Vancouver catch the #257 Express to Horseshoe Bay (2 minute walk from the Granville Street Skytrain Station). The ride takes 20 minutes or more. Ask the bus driver to let you off at the bridge (also ring for a stop as soon as you notice the bus taking a left off the old highway - sometimes the drivers forget to stop there). A new highway has been built and you have to hike up to it (approximately 10 minutes). Walk back towards to the old highway from the bridge and cross to the far side. Turn Right and begin walking up the highway. After a few minutes you will see a large hiking trail with a gate to your left. Go through the gate and walk to the top. You will see the new highway above you. Climb up the grassy bank and safely cross the 4 line highway (there are dividers and space in the center so this is pretty easy). There is a large pull over area perfect for hitchhiking!
== Towns ==
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